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6 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo

Are you vouching for that solo travel trip? But have not convinced yourself to take the plunge? Solo travelling has so much to offer, whether you are introvert, single, extrovert, in a relationship or married. Here are some compelling reasons for you to go solo travelling. And as it has been said that “Travelling alone is the single best gift you can give to yourself.

1.  To experience the freedom


Travelling solo brings a unique sense of empowerment as it tests your skills, making you more confident. Whether going out alone in bar, facing transit strike or being lost in language translation, you can deal with it.  One becomes super smart and better with each experience. And it makes one more satisfied by being fully relying on oneself. A solo vacation prepares you to tackle different challenges of life in high spirited manner.

2.  Meet new people



Solo travel brings golden opportunity to meet new people. Before you know it, you would be talking to some motivating traveller or friendly locals. The key is to keep open mind while keeping safety psyche as well. There always chances that the people you meet are going to be incredible interesting. And you might make a friend for a lifetime.

3. Enjoy the “Me Time”



When was the last time that you enjoyed the ultimate gala “Me Time”? Well Solo travel endows you with that valuable alone time. As it has been rightly said that “One travels more usefully when alone, because he reflects more”- Thomas Jefferson. Solo travelling recharges your battery and provides a fresh set of eyes to ponder on life and take pleasure in one’s own company. It helps you in making a journey into yourself and learning something about yourself which you haven’t discovered yet!

4. Master of your own itinerary



Fulfilling your bucket list becomes easier with solo travelling. And you are not even obliged to entertain anyone’s whims and fancies/ you don’t even have to compromise and negotiate to enjoy your travelling spree in your own style. Travelling is supposed to be relaxing and nothing brings more peace to a traveller than planning his own travel list.  The whole point is getting what you want out of a trip.

5.  Stay within your budget



Travelling is expensive. And everyone has different attitude towards money spending. Solo travelling saves you from peer pressure and people with expensive taste. Also the budget allocation becomes quite easier when you plan the trip by yourself. As you become more aware as to where and when do you need to spend money on.

6. Makes you fall in love with life



Solo travelling makes you experiment, make mistakes and cherish the small yet important joys of life. Additionally by making one kinder and patient, it also invokes your curiosity about surroundings.

Its being rightly said that “Those who fly solo have the strongest wings”. So are you all set to travel with the wit of an adult and the wonder of a child? So travel solo, as it changes your life!


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